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Modern AGM batteries use a technology Absorbed Glass Mat. Based on the entire electrolyte is absorbed by a porous separator made of glass fiber, is located between the two, with lead plates.


AGM batteries are characterized by:

  • - lower internal resistance of models gel, which causes higher voltage at the terminals and extends the life of the equipment;
  • - high capacity;
  • - resistance to shock and vibration;
  • - They tolerate high current charging;
  • - lack of danger of leakage;
  • - unsupported.

Application-considered technology affects the significant reduction of internal resistance. In this way shorten the response time between the active mass and electrolyte.
NOTE: These devices can not tolerate too well frequent and deep discharges.


Above all, AGM batteries are dedicated to working buffer. Therefore they should be continuously charged a small shock. With a momentary loss of power may also be the main source of energy - for a short period of time. Due to the nature of the work and structural properties of devices of this type are mainly used in power supply buffer, with emergency power supply, in UPSach and outfits having a similar effect.

Use of

Each of the Absorbed Glass Mat technology can serve for many years with the right charging process. The best solution is constant voltage charging method with limited power. The procedure consists of two phases: I - constant current charging by increasing the voltage II - constant voltage charging.

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