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Traditional gel batteries are lead-acid apparatus with the gel electrolyte. Using this technology, the gelling agent is generally added to silica sulfuric acid. In the construction equipment can be distinguished collectors prepared from lead alloy, without admixture of antimony.


Gel batteries characterized by:

  • - a very high resistance to deep discharge;
  • - strength in the face of vibration, shock, tilting;
  • - good discharge heat outside the working device;
  • - lack of use;
  • - good tightness.

NOTE: Devices are characterized by smaller powers with discharge high currents than equipment made in AGM technology.


Gel batteries are designed for cyclic operation. They can be made to small and medium sized mobile devices. They are also suitable for operation in traction mode, so are used in the construction of wheelchairs, golf carts, cleaning machines, etc. They can also be used in floating mode. As an emergency power check, among other things by UPSach, alarm systems, emergency lighting, telephone exchanges, etc.

Use of

To ensure the longest possible time using the unit, umiesić them away from appliances which represent a potential source of heat (eg. Transformers, heat sinks). You can use the AC temperature compensated charging voltage. In terms of charging, it is recommended that you use the method of constant voltage with current limit.

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