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Why choose ELS Partner ...

- Goods directly from the manufacturer in England without other intermediaries

- As a few sell batteries lawfully, in accordance with the provisions on environmental protection

- Always fresh supplies - batteries not flow for months in containers and lie on storage, flexibility of supply and buffer storage for your convenience

- Full warranty and support producer

- For each purchase invoice

- For larger orders, negotiate prices and payment terms.

- For larger orders - good companies to acknowledge once payment by bank transfer, we trust you and we hope for long-term cooperation

- Our magzazyn housed in a modern and big city of Wroclaw - so we can logistically to serve customers across the European Union

- Many items straight from the warehouse, waiting for your decision


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ELS Partner

tel: (71) 707 14 02, email: els@els-partner.com
ul.Litewska 23, 51-354 Wrocław, woj. dolnośląskie
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